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CFIA statement on new import restrictions for commercial dogs imported from Ukraine

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Coming on the heels of the tragic case of 500 puppies being imported into Canada from the Ukraine on June 13th 2020, on a single flight, with 38 arriving deceased, the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which oversees regulations for the importation of animals, including dogs, into Canada) issued a statement on June 23rd 2020 stating:

“In the case of the shipment of puppies which arrived at Pearson Airport on June 13, all live puppies were released to the importers. Given the condition of some of the puppies upon arrival, CFIA staff recommended to the individual importers coming to collect their shipments that these puppies be immediately brought to a local veterinarian for appropriate care.

The CFIA is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident. As such, it cannot provide any further details until the investigation is complete.”

On July 6th 2020, the CFIA has issued another statement:

“The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) takes its mandate for protecting animal welfare very seriously.

Following the CFIA’s investigation into a large shipment of puppies from Ukraine, the CFIA has decided to cancel import permits for all commercial puppies under 8 months of age from Ukraine.

Effective July 6, 2020, the CFIA will no longer issue new permits for the importation of commercial dogs under 8 months of age from Ukraine.

The CFIA’s decision is based on investigation findings of possible failures to comply with import requirements, including animal welfare concerns. These actions will remain in effect until the CFIA is satisfied that import conditions and international transport standards are in place and that animals will travel safely in the future.”

Further reading on the June 13th 2020 incident can be found here:

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