Crufts Viewing Guide – Day 2


Click on each day to view schedule & video. All times are UK (example Gundog Group Judging starts at 6:45pm local time (Birmingham), which would be 1:45pm eastern (Toronto)).

Day 1
March 5th, 2020
Day 2
March 6th, 2020
Day 3
March 7th, 2020
Day 4
March 8th, 2020

Time Changes

Pacific time to UK is 8 hours earlier
Mountain time to UK is 7 hours earlier
Central time to UK is 6 hours earlier
Eastern time to UK is 5 hours earlier
Maritime time to UK is 4 hours earlier
Newfoundland time to UK is 3 1/2 hours earlier

Day 2 Programme:
08:45 Agility – Crufts Large Novice and Medium ABC Final (Jumping)
09:25 Agility – Crufts Singles Heat – S/M/L (Jumping)
10:20 Agility – Crufts Team – Medium Final
11:05 Good Citizen Dog Scheme Display
11:25 BREAK 12:05 Heelwork to Music Competition
13:35 Rescue Dog Agility
14:00 Agility – Crufts Singles Heat – S/M/L (Agility)
15:05 Agility – Crufts Large Novice and Medium ABC Final (Agility)
15:55 Flyball – Team – Quarter Finals
16:40 Heelwork to Music Competition Winner
16:45 BREAK
17:10 Agility – Crufts Singles Final: Small, Medium and Large (Agility)
17:40 Breeders Competition Final
18:10 Gamekeepers Competition
18:25 Gundog Display – Castlemans Gundogs – Philippa Williams
18:45 Group Judging (Gundog) and Presentation

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