Home Front Cover February 19th 2020 ~ Front Cover

February 19th 2020 ~ Front Cover


Multi Best In Show, Multi Reserve Best In Show, Best in Specialty Show Canadian Grand Champion Excellent & American Grand Champion Bronze

Darksun Ahmahr Nahr Africanadian

 Ahmahr Nahr Kennels is proud to present, Team “Noah” who will be presented to the fancy in 2020.

Noah has a very extensive show record to date.
Junior German Champion
Junior Philippine Champion with a Reserve Best in Show
American Grand Champion and a Canadian Grand champion. 
Winner of the Canadian 2019 Basenji National. 
Best Puppy at the 2017 Basenji National


2 Best in Shows
6 Reserve Best in Shows
38 Group Firsts
51 Group Placements

We would like to Thank Edgar Rojas and Amanda Williams for the great care, condition and loving our boy Noah. Making this a great team.

Excited to see where 2020 takes us!!!

Breeders: Jennie Behles & Amy Krieger Chambers
Owner: Jennie Behles, Amy Krieger Chambers, Sanda Allen
Handled By: Edgar Rojas & Amanda Williams


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