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September 18th, 2019 ~ Front Cover


Multi Best In Show, Multi Best In Specialty Show,  Multi Reserve Best In Show Grand Champion

Crystalton Tees Chikoda NCIS

Jerry Harvey and Carol Graham are very proud to have Gibbs on this week’s front cover of ShowScene.

He is our newest son of Multi BIS BISS CAN GRCHEX & AM CH Crystalton Suspense (Graydon) who was the #1 Dog of All Breeds in Canada in 2014.

Multi BIS BISS Can GRCHEX & Am CH Crystalton Suspense

From a tiny puppy we knew we had something very exciting in this youngster we named Gibbs.

We have been waiting for 2 years to bring him out, having shown Magnum, more formally known as Multi BIS RBIS AM CH & CAN GRCH. Crystalton Chikoda Mystery who was #11 Dog of All Breeds in 2018 with 16 Best in Show awards.

Multi BIS RBIS Am CH & Can GRCH. Crystalton Chikoda Mystery

Gibbs in his short time out, has been consistently amazing us at how he is learning the ropes and becoming that wonderful show dog. 

A beautiful short backed, sound elegant dog, with a wonderful head, and he moves with such wonderful effortless soundness coupled with great carriage.  

He was shown once as a puppy by Xander Scriver who put 8 points on him in one weekend. Then shown again by Xander at just under 2 years of age to finish his Championship on the Poodle Club of Alberta Specialty weekend. 

He was then given to Amanda Williams to continue his show career.
In 3 weekends of showing in 2018 he ended up number 2 Standard Poodle Male in Canada, with multiple Group 1’s and a Reserve Best in Show. He also won a Group Six Specialty his first weekend out as a special under Ms. Susan Foster from Australia.

Shown on a very limited basis in 2019 (19 weekends) 
Gibbs is:
#1 Standard Poodle Male
#3 Non-Sporting Dog

He has been awarded:
7 Best in Shows
1 Reserve Best in Show,
2 Best in Specialty Shows
6 Group Firsts

Gibbs was awarded the Poodle Club Of Alberta Specialty at Spruce Meadows under breeder judge Mr. Mikael Nilsson from Sweden.

We would like to thank Amanda Williams for her care and love she has for him and for doing such a wonderful job. Together Gibbs and Amanda have become an amazing team and a pleasure to watch. 

Thank you also to Edgar for his patience with the amount of work and time that is spent on Gibbs both at home and on the road.

We would also like to thank the many judges who have awarded Gibbs so highly, and a special thanks to all his fans for their great support. 

Breeder: Carol Graham & Dr. Terill Udenberg
Owner: Carol Graham & Jerry Harvey
Handled By: Amanda Williams

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