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August 28th, 2019 ~ Front Cover


Best In Show, Reserve Best In Show, Multi Best In Specialty Show American Grand Champion Bronze & Multi Best In Show, Multi Reserve Best In Show, Multi Best In Specialty Show Canadian Grand Champion

Shines Call The Winning Shot Tzo Wen Xin Jin

 We are proud to have 🎱 on the front cover of this week’s issue of ShowScene

🎱 is a STUNNING correct example of the Chinese Shar-Pei.  

Square, beautiful top line, tail set, rear angulation, front, scissor bite, pigment, coat, and texture, hippopotamus muzzle, wonderful eyes with just the right amount of wrinkles.

She floats when she moves around the ring.

At just over 2 years old this special girl has achieved: 
Multiple BBPIS
Multiple BPIS

She was the# 1 Non-Sporting Puppy in Canada in 2018

The #1  Chinese Shar-Pei 2018
 #5 Non-Sporting 

Her record to date in Canada and the USA

8 Best in Shows
9 Reserve Best in Shows
5 Best in Specialty Shows
Best in Show Group 6 
Award of Merit  Westminster Kennel club
54 Group 1’s

She is currently in 2019:

The #1 Chinese Shar-Pei 
#4 Non-Sporting 

Our thanks go to to all the Judges that award her so highly, and Hailey Griffith for taking over what Will Alexander started in Canada!! You look perfect together!!

Tammy Bohlke our Co-owner and 🎱’s handler in the States!! You have taken our special girl so far!! 

Rebecca Pentecost for your talent of breeding such an amazing Shar-Pei!

Everyone that has supported and cheered 🎱 on since we started showing her last year!

Because of all of you 🎱 is the most WINNINGEST Black Shar-Pei in the history of the breed!!

Breeder: Rebecca Pentecost
Owners: Rhonda Holloway, Barbara LaVere, Tammy Bohlke, Rebecca Pentecost
Owner Handled in the USA By: Tammy Bohlke
Handled in Canada By: Hailey Griffith

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