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Behind The Scene with Betty-Anne Stenmark


Name:  Betty-Anne Stenmark
Where you live:  Grass Valley, California 
Your breed: Dandie Dinmont Terriers

1) The best advice you could give to a new person just beginning, would be what?
This is the sport of purebred dogs, not a game. There is a steep learning curve so find a mentor who’ll help you understand it all. Hopefully the mentor is the breeder of your show puppy. Remember win or lose you still get to take home the dog you love.

2) Who was your mentor in dogs?
Jean Lyle, WYCLIFFE Standard Poodles. 

3) If you could make one wish for the sport and for purebred dogs, what would it be?
That the focus be back on breeding better dogs, that judging returns to evaluating breeding stock.

4) Name two dog show friends that you would take on “Survivor” with you, and why? 
Dennis Johnson who works for our superintendents MB’F he sets up the Skyline & Del Valle shows. He can fix anything!!! Jason Hoke, a master chef who can make a gourmet meal out of anything at hand.

5) What do you miss at today’s shows, versus those of the past?
The big shows with large entries, real competition as opposed to what seems almost academic in the ring.

6) Your favorite dog show anywhere in the world to attend is, and why?
The Westminster Kennel Club, a now 144 year long tradition, held in the dead of winter in February in New York City. The competition is keen, dogs who have avoided each other all year meet there. Tension is palpable, and the win no matter if it’s just at the breed level is coveted and becomes part of a dog’s resume for life. 

7) Your favorite way to relax is?
Classical music and a good book.

8) Which judge no longer alive or judging, do you miss the most?
Richard (Rick) Beauchamp, one of the most knowledgeable dog men ever.

9) Name a dog of the past which gave you goosebumps?
Without a doubt Matisse the Portuguese water dog…with Snoopy running a close second.

10) If you could sit down for the first time, and have a conversation with any dog person still active, who would it be?
Pat Craig Trotter. Pat is the author of one of the best dog books in the world, “Born to Win”. A book that should be on the shelf of every breeder.

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Rob is a long time purebred dog enthusiast. Starting out in obedience sports, his main interests morphed into conformation and breeding. Rob is a breeder and exhibitor of Golden Retrievers under the Conquerer prefix.