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CKC & CVO meet over College’s Cropping & Docking Policy.


Hot on the heels of the ABVMA policy on cropping/docking, the CKC, on July 25th 2019, sent a mailout letting members know they had met with the CVO to learn about the Colleges process for reviewing its policy on “medically unnecessary procedures”.

The mailout states:

“While the College’s current position states that it does not support “medically unnecessary procedures”, as the regulatory body for veterinarians in Ontario, CVO recognizes that the trained, professional veterinarians of Ontario bring a wealth of expertise in deciding the best treatment and care for their patients.

CVO shared that a notice of motion was put forth regarding a review of “medically unnecessary procedures” at their March 2019 Council meeting. This motion was discussed at the June 2019 Council meeting and was not supported by a majority of Council members. CVO is continuing to seek legal advice on this matter and will discuss further at their Council meeting in September. Should proposed changes be brought forth at any point in the future, a full public consultation process will be undertaken.”

This is means in Ontario the decision to crop/dock remains as it is now, to be made between breeders/owners and their Veterinarian.

For full text of the mailout, please click here

SOURCEThe Canadian Kennel Club
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