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July 10th 2019 ~ Front Cover


Multi Best in Show, Multi Best in Specialty Show American Grand Champion Silver

M&M’s Calamity Jane

Donna Moore and Janice Hayes are proud to present Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV) “Calamity Jane” on this week’s front cover of ShowScene.

Calamity Jane comes from a prestigious line of top winning PBGVs from the combination of M&M in the United States, Auriga in Canada, and Soletrader in the United Kingdom. 

With so many beautiful purposefully bred dogs behind her, we are so proud of what we have created with this sturdy girl. 

Powerful movement, with a free and happy attitude to go with it. This girl just oozes the essence of the PBGV in type, temperament and soundness.

Calamity is Multi Best in Show Winning, Multi Best in Specialty Show winning, she was the 2018 National Specialty Winner, and the 2017 and 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Best of Breed Winner.

We want to thank all the judges who have already awarded her wonderful wins, we look forward to continuing to present this beautiful girl to the fancy.

Breeder: Donna Moore
Owners: Donna Moore and Janice Hayes
Handler: Janice Hayes
Assisted by: Kaycee Klang

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