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June 12th 2019 ~ Front Cover


Multi Best In Show & Multi Reserve Best In Show Canadian Grand Champion Excellent & American Grand Champion Bronze

Darksun Ahmahr Nahr Africanadian

Ahmahr Nahr Basenji’s are so proud of our young dog Noah that we began showing in January of this year.

Since the very first weekend at Alberta Kennel Club’s Winter show in Calgary where he was awarded all 3 Hound Group Firsts, under noted Hound judges Mary White, Patricia Taylor and judge Nancy Popovich.

We are extremely excited that travelling from province to province to the shows, he is being recognized every weekend by North American, International, and Hound specialist judges. Our thanks to those hound judges that have awarded him Groups and Best in Shows. Ms. Pam Bruce, Mr. Doug Gaudin, Mrs. Barbara Arndt, Mrs. Phyllis Pancel (Best in Show), Mrs. Jocelyne Gagne, Mr. Robert Dawson, Mrs. Bonnie Derry.

Noah has been awarded:
2 Best in Shows
2 Reserve Best in Shows
20 Group Firsts
10 Group Seconds
5 Group Thirds
3 Group Fourths

We would like to thank Edgar Rojas our handler for the last 8 years in Canada and at the International shows, we enjoy seeing these boys not only doing a great job in the ring but also enjoying and having fun across Canada. 

We would like to thank the judges who have awarded this team so highly to date in the first months of 2019.

Noah is currently:
Canada’s #1 Basenji
#2 Hound

We wish Edgar and Noah and our fellow breeders, safe travels and good luck at the 2019 Basenji Club of Canada National Specialty, being held in the beautiful province of Quebec. It is our once a year opportunity to come together and celebrate and enjoy seeing our beautiful breed all together.

Bred By: Jennie Behles & Amy Krieger
Owned By: Jennie Behles & Amy Krieger Chambers & Sanda Allen
Handled By: Edgar Rojas

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