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June 5th, 2019 ~ Front Cover


Multi Best In Show & Multi Reserve Best In Show & Multi Best In Specialty Show Canadian Grand Champion & American Champion

Vetset Count Me In

Photo by Cheryl Drake 

We are delighted to once again have Lina on the cover of this week’s issue of ShowScene!

A daughter of our famous MBIS MBISS Can GChEx Am GCh Vetset Kate Winsit “Kate” bred to our BIS Can Am Ch Vetset Counting Stars “Rion”. Her pedigree boasts several generations of Vetset BIS and BISS winners as well as renowned American and European MBIS winners.

 MBIS MBISS GCHEx Am GCh Vetset Kate Winsit

Lina is beautifully constructed and very true to her breed standard. She has a gorgeous outline with proper proportion, outstanding front and strong rear, correct carriage, never puts a foot wrong, and loves to show! If that is not enough, Lina is as stunning on the inside as she is on the outside. She never has a bad day and is incurably happy. Not unlike her mother, everyone is her friend, she always remembers a face, and she loves children. 

Photo by Wendy Reyn

She has been shown to absolute perfection by Sarah Drake. We are incredibly appreciative of her great talent and professional ethics. 

Lina started her show career in the U.S. obtaining both of her majors from the 6-9 puppy class. Many thanks to Brian Meyer and Doug Gaudin for appreciating Lina at such a young age.

In Canada, Lina finished her championship quickly with multiple Puppy Groups and Best Puppy in Shows and a Group 1 from the 9-12 class. 

In 2017 only a month after being put into pattern at 13 months of age, Lina headed down to the Kalamazoo Cluster to gain 9 more points with multiple breed wins and 2 very competitive Group 2nd’s. Thank you, Kim Ramey-Leblanc and Doug Gaudin. She finished her American Championship on her next visit under Alex Zee from Taiwan.

Her first weekend as an adult special and only her 2nd weekend as a special in Canada, she finished her Canadian Grand championship by winning a group 1, 2 and 3. By 15 months of age she won her first Best in Specialty at the Ottawa Valley Poodle Specialty under Kristi Francis. Sparingly shown the rest of 2017 she won 13 groups and 10 other placements and finished the year as #6 Standard Poodle. 

Kristen Francis – Ontario, Canada

Lina started 2018 off with a bang in the US winning a Group 1st. Thank you Jon Cole. In 3 weekends with multiple Group placements, she needed only 1 more major to complete her American Grand Championship. 

Upon returning to Canada she continued in her winning ways. She won 91 Group 1s, 23 BIS, 21 RBIS and multiple Specialties including the Poodle Club of Canada National Specialty.She completed 2018 as:
#1 Standard Poodle
#1 Non Sporting Dog
#5 All Breed Dog

James Moses – Georgia, USA
Dayna Johnston – New South Wales, Australia
Denys Janssen – Bogata, Columbia
Sean Delmar – Dublin, Ireland

2019 has been very exciting to date. Lina has won 25 Group 1s, 8 BIS, 8 RBIS, and multiple Specialty and Ltd Breed shows.She is currently:
#1 Standard Poodle
#1 Non Sporting Dog
#3 All Breed Dog

Peter Machen – Ontario, Canada
Sue-Ellyn Rempel – Manitoba, Canada
Grant Townsend – BC, Canada
Wendy Paquette – Ontario, Canada

We are very humbled and grateful to all the judges who have appreciated our Lina and awarded her accordingly.To date she has won:
139 Group 1s 
31 BIS
Multiple Specialty and Ltd Breed Shows

We are so incredibly proud of Lina and Sarah for achieving this.

We also wish to thank all of Lina’s ringside friends and fans. Your support and comments have been heartwarming and sincerely appreciated.

Elly Holowaychuk 
Vetset Poodles Perm. Regd.
Handled and loved by Sarah Drake

Photo by Wendy Reyn

Breeder/Owner: Dr. Elly Holowaychuk
Presented By: Sarah Drake 

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