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May 29th, 2019 ~ Front Cover


Multi Best In Show & Reserve Best In Show & Best In Specialty Show Canadian Grand Champion Excellent & American Grand Champion

Skyehigh’s One Pound Sterling

 Skyehigh Westies is very proud to once again share OP with the fancy on this week’s front cover of ShowScene.

I am extremely proud that, in 2019, OP is once again one of Canada’s Top Dogs.

OP is currently ranked:
#1 Terrier
#2 Dog of All Breeds
#1 West Highland White Terrier.

OP is the result of a well thought out breeding. I have been extremely happy with the puppies that his sire Can & Am CH. Skyehigh’s MKC Bonaparte was producing for us on a consistent basis. His mother the lovely Can & Am. CH Skyehigh’s Harley Rose, both pedigree wise and conformation wise together were so well suited to each other. 

OP has been awarded:
34 All breed Best in Shows
22 Reserve Best in Shows
96 Group Firsts
Multiple Specialty Wins

Skyehigh is very grateful to have the talented breed specialist team of David & Pat Gignac presenting our dogs in Canada, together this couple have brought the top winning Westies in Canada to the fancy for decades.

Skyehigh is having great success in the USA with our current Special out with Courtney Kniola, BIS RBIS GCH Skyehighs James Bay. 
Hudson is currently: 
#1 Westie USA (All Breed) 
#13 Terrier
Multi Best in Show Winner
Multi Reserve Best in Show Winner

BIS RBIS GCH Skyehighs James Bay

None of this would be possible without the judges who have awarded the Skyehigh Westies in Canada and the US so highly. I am truly honored and most grateful to be able to share our dogs, along with our passion for this wonderful breed with the purebred dog fancy in North America.

Lindy Barrow

Breeder: Lindy Barrow & Antonio Celso Mollo
Owner: Lindy Barrow Skyehigh Westies
Handled By: David & Pat Gignac

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