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May 15th, 2019 ~ Front Cover


Multi Best In Show & Multi Reserve Best In Show Australian Supreme Champion, Multi Best In Show International Champion, Multi Best In Show United KC Champion, Multi Best In Show & Multi Reserve Multi Best In Show Canadian Grand Champion, American Champion

Keez Kause for Koncern

Canadian Hall of Fame

We are pleased to have Konner grace the cover of ShowScene this week. 

The Keeshond is a moderate Spitz breed. With a balanced & short coupled body. He has an intelligent, alert expression with dark, oblique, almond shaped eyes surrounded by the breed hallmark spectacles. His coat is very thick round the neck, forepart of the shoulders and chest, forming a lion-like mane. His rump and hind legs, down to the hocks, are thickly coated forming the characteristic “trousers.” He is shown in a natural state. The distinctive gait of the Keeshond is unique to the breed. Angulation in rear should be between slight to moderate to complement the forequarters, creating balance and typical gait. They should move cleanly and briskly; the movement should be straight and sharp with reach and drive between slight to moderate. A distinct, “comical gait”, never a lope like a German Shepherd Dog.

With all the attributes of a top player Konner, A Multiple Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show winner who has achieved great success in the show ring in Australia, Canada & the USA. He has regularly been acknowledged and highly rewarded by judges from all over the world. Konner is a quality Keeshond exemplifying correct International breed type, correct movement and outstanding temperament, he is comfortable competing amongst the best no matter what Country our travels take us. 
From Down Under to On Top, Kausing Koncern across Canada
We often get asked at shows, “WHO are you and WHERE did you come   
Konner was bred, born and handled in Melbourne, Australia, by us Cheri & Trevor Rogers. We knew from his first week on earth that he was going to be a very special dog. He obtained his Australian Championship (100 challenge points) easily as a 6 month old puppy, in only 1 ½ months – 9 shows and 9 Best of Breed over Champion dogs.

He obtained both his Australian Grand Championship (1000 challenge points) and Australian Supreme Championship (100 Points + 3 Best in Show) on the same day at the age of 3. 

 A few days later on an extremely HOT Australian day, at The Victorian Women’s Dog Club in Melbourne (the largest All Breed Show in Australia) Konner won the Battle of the Ashes competition where only Best in Show Winners for the previous 12 months compete.

Our last year in Australia Konner finished as the #1 Keeshond, #2 Non-Sporting and #32 All breed. He defeated over 7000 dogs all breed that year.

We re-located to Canada mid 2015 and our showing has been extremely limited. USA – We attended 5 weekends of shows between 2015 & 2018 which gave Konner his American Championship and 11 points towards his American Grand Ch. Konner was owner breeder handled by Trevor.

IABCA – one weekend in 2017 Konner easily obtained his International Championship (IABCA) title with Multiple Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show wins. UKC – one weekend in 2018 Konner easily obtained his UKC Championship Title with 3 Best in Shows.
Canada – 2016 2 shows that year – for 4 Best of Breed and 3 Group Placements to give him his Canadian Championship Title.

2017 – 6 weekends of shows for a nice 16 Best of Breed & 16 Group Placements (5 Group 1st, 8 Group 2nd, 1 Group 3rd, 2 Group 4th) and a Select Award at the only Canadian Keeshond National that he has ever attended
Finishing 2017 as #4 Breed & #33 non-sporting. Along with his Canadian Grand Champion title. 

2018 12 weekends of shows in total. 36 Best of Breed for 28 Group Placements (8 Group 1st, 11 Group 2nd, 6 Group 3rd& 3 Group 4th) and 2 Reserve Best in Show.Finishing 2018 as #1 Breed & #10 Non-Sporting in Canada. In USA, IABCA & UKC. Konner was owner, breeder, handled by Trevor, in Canada Konner was primarily owner, bred and handled by Trevor & on occasion by Heidi Gervais.

2019 has been exciting so far with 5 weekends of shows to date 16 Best of Breed, 16 Group Placements (10 Group 1st, 2 Group 2nd, 3 Group 3rd& 1 Group 4th) and 2 Best in Shows.

Konner is on top as #1 Keeshond, # 3 Non-Sporting, #20 All Breed

Thank you to the Judges for consistently finding Konner in such incredible line-ups of top-quality dogs, we are honoured!

Breeder/Owner/Handlers: Trevor & Cheri Rogers

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Rob is a long time purebred dog enthusiast. Starting out in obedience sports, his main interests morphed into conformation and breeding. Rob is a breeder and exhibitor of Golden Retrievers under the Conquerer prefix.


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