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March 27th 2019 ~ Front Cover


Multi Best in Show, Multi Reserve Best In Show, Best Puppy in Show American & Canadian Grand Champion

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 2018, A year of so many firsts, and so much to remember.

Bacardi is the highest ranked Berger Picard in CKC history, he is the first Berger Picard in Canada to not only win a Reserve Best in Show but a Best in Show! 

Shown in Canada only until September of last year, Bacardi went on to receive 2 more Best in Show wins, as well as 2 additional Reserve Best in Shows.

 Bacardi ended up the 2018 year as:
#1 Berger Picard
#6 Herding Dog

What an achievement for this Rare, Rustic, Ancient Herding dog.

We experienced our frst Picard National in Ohio, where not only did we see a record number of 96 Picards, but volunteered to be part of the prestigious Elevage where dogs are evaluated & graded by judges from France.  We measured & had our hands on each & every dog!  We couldn’t ask for a better way to learn about our Breed. We’re proud to say that Bacardi was one of the 21 ‘selected’ through the evaluation process.  To be recognized by an esteemed French Judge as a quality example of the breed was a thrill!  This was such validation on the merit of this boy.  

As 2018 ended we could only dream about what 2019 could hold for Bacardi! Patience they say is a virtue, and with the challenges faced by many small, overwhelmed dog clubs & members, the annual February – Brandon Manitoba show was not held this year, leaving many of us northern Ontario exhibitors waiting for that first show of 2019. 

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan mid-March. YIPPEE, but do we dare venture 15 hours west of Thunder Bay in unpredictable March? As any of us crazy dog show folks know…. OF COURSE we would!!    

Our 1stShow of 2019

To say that it was worth the drive is an understatement. Thank you judges, Wendy Maisey, Brenton Wright and Irene Latchford for finding Bacardi in such an incredible line-up of top-quality dogs, we are honoured!

We are super excited to see what this year will bring!

As far as Bacardi is concerned, as long as he can ‘hang out’ with his best friend Great Dane Kalani, he’s one happy camper!!!

Breeders: Liz Hansen, Grace Freeman
Owner Handlers: Renee Russo and Lori Spicer

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Rob is a long time purebred dog enthusiast. Starting out in obedience sports, his main interests morphed into conformation and breeding. Rob is a breeder and exhibitor of Golden Retrievers under the Conquerer prefix.