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March 20th 2019 ~ Front Cover


Best in Show American & Canadian Champion

Darksun Ahmahr Nahr Africanadian

 Noah started his show career in Canada as a puppy in 2017 at the Basenji Club of Canada National Specialty show where he was awarded Winners Dog and Best Puppy in Specialty under Ana Maria Velasquez. 

His 2nd show was the World Dog show in Germany where he was awarded Reserve CC and his Junior German championship,

He then returned home to the United States to complete his American Championship.

In January 2018 he travelled to the International Show in Manila, Philippines, where he achieved his Philippine Championship and his Junior Philippine Championship.

He returned to Canada in the summer of 2018, finishing his Canadian Championship at the Basenji Club of Canada National Specialty show.

Noah began his specials career in Canada in January this year, having only been shown 4 weekends to date.

Noah has been awarded:
Best in Show
Multi Group Firsts
Multi Group Placements

He is currently ranked:
#1 Basenji
#3 Hound

We would like to thank the judges that have awarded him so highly in such a short period of time.

Ahmar Basenjis is very excited to watch this brand-new team of Noah and Edgar at shows across Canada this year!!!

Bred By: Jennie Behles & Amy Krieger
Owned By: Jennie Behles & Amy Krieger Chambers & Sanda Allen
Handled By: Edgar Rojas

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