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Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (UK) confirms surgical insemination is prohibited in dogs.


VNonline.co.uk posted this week, stating the RCVS has clarified it’s stance on surgical insemination in dogs, the procedure has been deemed a prohibited one. Prohibited procedures ‘are defined as those which interfere with sensitive tissue or bone structure.’

Eleanor Ferguson, RCVS registrar, stated: “Due to an unfortunate oversight, the guidance had not been updated following this legislative change, although, in the interim, the guidance still made it clear that surgical AI in dogs was unlikely to be in the animal’s best interests and could only be carried out and justified in very limited circumstances and for exceptional reasons.

“However, we apologise for the oversight, and as soon as the College was made aware that the guidance on surgical AI did not conform exactly with the legislation and regulations, a paper was prepared for the Standards Committee to consider as soon as possible and update the guidance accordingly.”.

The RCVS updated it’s Code of Professional Conduct to clarify this issue last month.

To read more on Miscellaneous procedures in the UK, visit the RCVS page by clicking here.

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