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May 30th 2018 ~ Front Cover


Best In Show, Reserve Best In Show American & Canadian Grand Champion

IROC stargazing at Rugerlane


Rugerlane Kennel is excited to once again have ORION on this week’s front cover. This boy has stolen the hearts of many judges and spectators with his fun upside-down pictures that he loves to take part in, and his joy of easily making people smile and clap when he enters the ring.

Orion is making his presence known by breaking records in the breed as no other Bulldog has ever been #1 Non-Sporting or held a position in the Top Two All-breed in Canada.

Orion is my first “bred by” Champion out of the beautiful AM/Can GCH IROC Tulane Highest Scholar, RN CGN TT, who is bred by longtime Bulldog Breeder Kandie Kroonen of IROC Bulldogs. Orion is sired by one of most decorated Bulldogs in our decade World Champion 2015 Coster (Soto) of Mexico owned and bred by Guillermo Quiroz, (Mexico).

Orion with his mother Tulane

I finished Orion’s Championship & Grand Championship quickly and after spending some time at home to mature we decided last fall that it was time to try the ring again, but because of my full time work commitments I handed the lead over to Edgar and we have never looked back, and in only a few short months he finished 2017 as # 1 Bulldog.

Orion and Shannon

Orion is still young and maturing nicely at only 2 years old. He is a medium sized Bulldog and well within our standard of about 50lbs for a mature male. He is a Bulldog Club of America Bronze Health Ambassador and Bulldog Club of Canada bronze eligible. I think it’s important to show how versatile Bulldogs can be and Orion is no exception to this being a great ambassador to the breed inside and outside the ring including a disposition that is equable and kind as noted in our Bulldog standard.

Orion finished his American Championship quickly picking up his last Major at the Kentuckian Cluster under Judge Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy and topped off the weekend with 2 major Select wins with one of these being at the Kentuckian Bulldog Club Specialty under longtime Bulldog Breeder Judge Kathy Hairston.

L: Orion finishing his American Championship under Judge Mrs. Jacqueline Stacy
R: Orion awarded Select at the Kentuckian Bulldog Club Specialty under Bulldog Breeder Judge Kathy Hairston

To date in Canada for 2018 Orion has been awarded:
8 Best in Shows
8 Reserve Best in Show
32 Group Firsts
13 Group Seconds
6 Group Thirds
3 Group Fourths

Orion is currently ranked:
#1 Bulldog
#1 Non Sporting Dog
#2 Dog of All Breeds

Orion awarded Best In Show under Judge Carlos Roberto Flaquer Rocha

I would like to send a big thank-you to Edgar for always believing in Orion and making sure he is always so well cared and presented each and every weekend. Any handler will tell you it takes a special person to agree & want to take on the care and responsibility of a Bulldog for a campaign season especially during our summer months that is fast approaching.

I would like to thank all the Judges that have awarded Orion to date and continue to find him in outstanding competition each weekend. I also want to thank everyone that cheers him on and supports the “Bulldog” on this amazing journey.

I’m looking forward to watching this amazing team and excited to see what they can do next as Edgar has always told me “Hard work always pays off” and they have proven it really does.

Breeder: Kandie Kroonen, Shannon Chapman
Owner: Shannon Chapman Rugerlane Bulldogs
Handler: Edgar Rojas


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