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October 18th 2017 ~ Front Cover


Multi Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show American Grand Champion Gold, Canadian Champion

Nanooks This Girl Is On Fire

39 AKC All Breed Best in Shows*
180+ Group Wins and Placements*
23 Reserve Best in Shows*
Multiple Best in Specialty Shows
American National Specialty Winner
*career to date

After breaking a 30 year record in April 2017 for the most All Breed Best in Shows awarded to a Siberian Husky Bitch in AKC History.  This trailblazing Siberian Husky bitch is redefining Amaze’n….

AMAZE is the result of 30+ years of conscientious preservation purebred breeding.  A culmination that results in the combination of several top producers in all areas that define the Siberian Husky breed.

More importantly, as a breeder Annette Dionne has purposefully bred to produce dogs that aptly run in harness as proficient athletes and other disciplines like obedience and agility.

AMAZE is proven in harness, the whelping box and in the show ring. Prior to beginning her record-breaking career, AMAZE ran in harness for three winters in Northern Alberta with her kennel mates.

Amaze made her full debut in March/April 2016 in the USA with Laura King and Robin Novack along with co-owners Correen F. Pacht & Marc Ralsky who also co-owned Ch. Karnovanda’s Niklas Wolf (Niklas is Amaze’s Great Grandsire). Niklas was one of North America’s most loved Siberian Huskies with over 99 All Breed Best in Shows in Canada and the USA.  The entire team has never looked back!

Amaze & Laura have been greatly rewarded by breeder judges, all breed, and Northern Breed specialists alike.

Amaze’s flame is burning bright as she continues her journey in the USA. Currently the #11 Dog Among All Breeds, #4 Working Dog and the #1 Siberian Husky* in the USA.

Thank you to the judges who have awarded this team so highly, recognizing Amaze’s moderation, soundness and beauty so cherished in this breed.  Congratulations to Annette and Greg for sharing Amaze with Correen and Marc and the entire Show Scene in the USA and Canada.

Special thanks to Laura King, Robin Novack, Alex Romero and Anne Chumbley for being one of the best teams in Dogs.  Your care, conditioning and love of AMAZE is truly second to none!  It takes a dedicated professional team to present a dog at it’s best each weekend and you all make it look easy!  We couldn’t ask for better partners in this campaign!

The journey continues…

Breeder: Annette Dionne – Nanook Siberian Huskies
Owners: Correen F. Pacht, Marc Ralsky & Annette Dionne
Presented by: Laura King & Robin Novack
Assisted by: Alex Romero & Anne Chumbley
*All Breed

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