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October 5th 2017 ~ Front Cover


Shirley Good and I have been breeding Airedales for almost 40 years under the Stirling prefix – my family name from Scotland. Our background in the breed began 110 years ago, giving me a wealth of knowledge from many of the “old timers” in the breed.
As career academics we spent many years increasing our knowledge of genetics, canine health, structure and movement.

We showed our own dogs.  Terrier handler specialists and long time successful breeders shared their knowledge and experience generously.

By 2000, we began sharing  what we had learned with others, especially those who had bought our show prospect puppies.

With the addition of  Greenfield Captain Jack in 1998, and judicial breeding of his offspring, descendants, and close relatives, we have been blessed with a great many top winners.  During those years it became obvious that more dedicated breeders who shared our thirst for knowledge, ethics, the  love of all things Airedale, and a willingness to help others were needed to continue what we had started.  With no longer any large kennels to sustain breeding programs, we welcomed Tom and Jeannie DIlworth of Wildside, Johanna Pemble of Glen Royal and Pamela Bruce of Accolade to share and carry forth our vision.
And the future looks bright indeed.
Susan Stirling Rodgers

In 2000 Accolade Airedale Terriers came to fruition after 40+ years of coveting the breed. I knew with the amount of upkeep and trimming involved, I could not do the breed justice until they could be my only focus. Michelle Billings guided me in the right direction to Stirling who had nothing available at that time. I obtained my first dog from Kelly Wood – Paradym. He would become a Multi Best In Show winner, # 1 Airedale and a Top Terrier on our first effort. I have successfully continued with guidance from legends Peter (and Andrew) Green, Ernesto Lara, and Susan Stirling Rodgers. Our future is indeed bright based on the solid foundation of their great dogs from the past. We have kept three from the ‘race horse litter’ going forward!  Thanks to Jo Pemble, and Kelly Wood for the photos and artwork!
Pamela Bruce

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Rob is a long time purebred dog enthusiast. Starting out in obedience sports, his main interests morphed into conformation and breeding. Rob is a breeder and exhibitor of Golden Retrievers under the Conquerer prefix.