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MBIS MBISS GCH CH Harambee’s Luxmoore of Wick


Multi Best In Show, Multi Best In Specialty Show
Grand Champion

Harambee’s Luxmoore of Wick

Bred for form and function, Lux is an elegant and classic Scottish Deerhound, whose regal bearing and sighthound aloofness, typifies this ancient, royal breed with great style.

An excellent representative of the Scottish Deerhound standard, Lux exudes femininity and type. Of correct size to the standard, and with harsh, wiry and crisp coat to the standard, Luxmoore’s floating movement, and her effortless gait, further emphasize her Deerhound correctness.

Photo by Candid Canine Photography

Lux is as at home in the field as she is in the show ring. Nimble and quick, she has proven herself to be an excellent and very keen courser. Agile, muscled, light of foot, and sharp eyed, Luxmoore can easily perform the duties required of this rare breed.

Lux has absolute confidence in her handler, Norm Fargo. Together they have done very well to date this year with a Best in Show, 24 Group Firsts, 17 Group Seconds, 12 Group Thirds and 13 Group Fourths. We look forward to seeing them continue in the ring!

Bred by: Cynthia Crysdale & Ed Shirley
Loved by: Richard Meen MD & Cynthia Crysdale
Handled by: Norm Fargo


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