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September 27th 2017 ~ Front Cover


Multi BIS American Grand Champion Bronze & Multi BIS Canadian Champion

Foxhaus Catching Fire At Foxhollow

Owners, David Barish, Tony Barker and Andrew DiGiorgio with breeders Andrew DiGiorgio and Bill Voss are proud of Katniss’s outstanding achievements both in the US and Canada. As are her handlers RC Carusi and Hailey Griffith with associates Catherine and Emily Pikul.

Katniss completed her championship at the most coveted of all Terrier shows in the US, Montgomery County Kennel Cub. She was awarded, under breeder judge Mrs. Carole Beattie, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Award of Merit and Best of Opposite Sex to her to her grandfather, GCH Foxhaus Skyfall At Foxhollow. “Shamus” also with an illustrious career had over 13 Best in Shows and over 80 groups to his credit and was the #1 Wire in Canada and a top 10 Terrier last year.

Katniss then went on to the American Fox Terrier Clubs National Floating Specialty and she was awarded Best In Specialty Show under the well respected judge, Mr. Edd Bivin. Both Mr. Bivin and Mrs Beattie would eventually go on to give her All Breed Best in Shows as well.

Katniss went to Canada for a weekend, to the lovely SD&G shows in Ontario, she captured 4 Group Firsts, 2 Best in Shows at the All Breed shows, and she was awarded Best in Specialty at The Rideau Terrier Specialty Show, therefore completing her Canadian Championship and becoming a Top Ten Terrier in Canada as she is in the USA.

Her record to date:
6 All Breed Best in Shows
31 Group Firsts
6 Specialty wins including The AFTC National Floating Specialty 

After filling in the summer with numerous BIS, Groups and Specialty wins in the US, she was awarded BIS at the very prestigious Westchester KC under the well-known and respected judge Mr. Thomas Bradley.

A special thank you to all the people that have recognized her true breed type, correct wire attitude, and excellent movement…She exhibits that special eye catching presence in the ring and is always at the “tip toe of expectation”.

Owners: David Barish, Tony Barker, Andrew DiGiorgio
Breeder: Andrew DiGiorgio & Bill Voss
Handlers: RC Carusi & Hailey Griffith
Associates: Catherine and Emily Pikul

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