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August 30th 2017 ~ Front Cover


Multi Best In Show Canadian & American Champion

Skansen’s Last Man Standing

Manny has certainly been a team effort this year. Our plans were that Janine would show him this year but due to her mother’s turn in health she has been a little more home bound than expected. I would like this opportunity to say thank you to all the handler’s who have taken Manny’s lead this year and have made his Canadian tour a resounding success!

One of Canada’s Top Giants and a Top 10 Working Dog is no easy feat. Thank you to all the judges who have welcomed Manny with multiple Best in Show wins and group placements!

More importantly Manny has proven he is not only a champion in the the Winner’s Circle but in the Whelping box too, and let’s face it,  this is where it really counts.

Manny’s final weekend will be at the Canadian National weekend in October, at which point he will return to Skansen Kennel in California to continue passing on his strong genes for generations to come.

Until then we will savour every Canadian moment as Manny  continues to make us proud in the show ring!

Sylvia Hammarstrom
Skansen Kennels

Breeder/Owner: Sylvia Hammarstrom
Handled By: Janine Starink

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