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Behind The Scene with David Gignac


Professional Handler
Abbottsford, British Columbia

1) If you could have another breed, what would it be?

2) What was the last movie you saw at a theatre?
Saving Mr Banks

3) If you could only attend one “must do” show a year, what would it be?

4) What show in Canada have you attended that always gives that little extra to their exhibitor’s, which makes it your favorite to attend?
Tyee Kennel Club

5) What is you favorite dog of all time?
Westie Multi BIS BISS Am & Can & NZ Ch. Whitebriar Jaw Dropper “JD”

6) What is a favorite grooming product or tool that you will not be without?
My fingers

7) How do you pick which shows you attend?
Many factors… distance, judges

8) Beside your dogs, what other animals do you have?

9) What is your favorite beverage?
Diet Cherry Coke… if I was still allowed to drink it!!!

10) Name something that is on your “life” bucket list to do?
Win the breed in Westies at Montgomery County Kennel Club!!

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Rob is a long time purebred dog enthusiast. Starting out in obedience sports, his main interests morphed into conformation and breeding. Rob is a breeder and exhibitor of Golden Retrievers under the Conquerer prefix.