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Sandra Anderson ~ Judges Corner ~ April 15th 2015


Name: Sandra Anderson
Province: Ontario
Breed: Scottish Terrier
Kennel Name: Chess
Years Judging: 25 years
Licensed For: Groups 1,2,4,5 BIS

1) Were you from a family involved in the sport of Purebred dogs? 

2) There is so much seen on various social media pages on the subject of breeder/owner/or novice/exhibitors, whom can no longer compete with the professionals and be successful. As a judge what are your thoughts on this subject? 
If a person has the stamina, determination, and dedication they can compete and be successful.

3) Did you have a mentor in this sport? 

4) Name 5 things on your “bucket list” that you would like to do? 
This is a hard question there is not a lot on my bucket list, I would like to put a CDX on the Scottie with which I currently compete in performance events of all kinds. I want to visit Newfoundland. Stay in good health until I‘m not here anymore. Do more therapy work with the elderly. I would like to go back to Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Island)

5) Other than your life in dogs, what other interests do you have?
Reading, gardening, choir, volunteering at retirement homes with my therapy Scottie, photography, and editing and producing videos, work at managing the church property and lots of painting and repairs there. I work at serving the needy at Sunday suppers.

6) Name one thing about you that would surprise people to learn? 
In the past I raised and showed Bantam poultry and developed a new colour strain of the blue splash bird.

7) How many assignments do you normally do in a year? 
4 or 5

8) What has been your worst travel experience to date? 
I have found even the worst travel experience has some humour and good to it, and they all come to an end.

9) What would be your “dream” assignment? 
Any breed specialty is a great assignment.

10) What changes would you like to see at Dog Shows? 
I would like to see more help and patience, with new people to the fancy.

11) What are your thoughts on the Reserve Best in Show award, and do you think points should be awarded?  
I like the Reserve Best in Show award. I see no harm in giving the points.

12) Do you believe the top breed, group, and best in show rankings should be continued? 

13) Do you think clubs in the same area should cluster together to share the high costs of putting on dog shows? 
That idea might work

14) What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the fancy today? 
To many shows and fewer new folks.

Thank you Sandra Anderson for taking part in the Judges Corner

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