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Behind The Scene with Shannon Scheer


Shannon Scheer
Breeder, Owner, Professional Handler
Calgary, Alberta

1) What vehicle did you go to your first dog show in?
When I was 16, I bought my first Van. A blue Ford “3 on the Tree” a Standard. It was beautiful.  It had a sliding side door and the interior was blue shag carpet, yes even on the ceiling. I drove to the Medicine Hat Dog Show with my friend Joanne Costigan and our first string of clients. Little did I know that a “standard” meant that you do not drive for three hours in first gear!!!

2) What is your favorite travel “junk” food? 

3) What is your favorite breed to go and watch at a dog show, that you are not involved with?
Standard Poodles

4) If they did a movie on your life, which actor/actress could play you? 
Sandra Bullock

5) If you could set a dinner table for 5, name 4 people that you would love to have for an evening of dog talk?
My Mom, Garry Cinnamon, Sonny Tougas and Susan Hillman.

6) What is your favorite “travel” song?
Life is a Highway by Bryan Adams, or anything by Abba, and also the soundtracks from Grease and Rocky Horror Picture show! Poor Alana, I know all the words!

7) What was your most embarrassing moment in the ring? 
I was showing at the Camrose show and they had a judge from Australia. I walked into the ring and she said “Hewwo”!!!!!! I smiled and said “Hello” back at her. She frowned at me and then once again said “HewWo!” Grinning back at her as I thought she might be hearing impaired, I replied louder with another HELLO!!!! Finally the Ring Steward came up to me and said, “She is asking you HOW OLD your dog is!”

8) Name a dog show anywhere in the world on your “bucket” list? 
Somewhere in Newfoundland I have never been there.

9) If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?

10) What do you value most in your dog show friendships? 
I value our many dog show potluck dinners during the summer shows. I value the true honesty of the chosen few I have as lifelong friends, confidants, and have included them as my extended family. I value their shared knowledge, our ups and downs, and the fact that we all have each others backs and never pack up when one is down. I have made some terrific friends in this business and it is why I am still here. The friendships I have made during the past 35 years far surpass any negative aspects of this sport.

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