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Behind The Scene with Ed Graveley


Ed Graveley
Boucherville, Quebec

1) What vehicle did you go to your first dog show in?
A 1979 Chevy Van

2) What is your favorite travel “junk” food?
Cape Cod Potato Chips

3) What is your favorite breed to go and watch at a dog show, that you are not involved with?

4) If they did a movie on your life, which actor/actress could play you?
Tom Hanks

5) If you could set a dinner table for 4. Name 4 people no longer with us that you would love to have for an evening of dog talk? 
Nigel Aubrey Jones, Michelle Billings, Melbourne Downing, Skip Stanbridge

6) What is your favorite “travel” song? 
Aretha Franklin. Respect

7) What was your most embarrassing moment in the ring? 
I would have to say that every time I go in the ring, is somewhat embarrassing

8) Name a dog show anywhere in the world on your “bucket” list?

9) If you could have one wish granted, what would it be? 
Attend a Van Morrison concert live in Ireland

10) What do you value most in your dog show friendships? 

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