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The Fancy Speaks ~ April 8th 2015

Question of the week: Would you like to see Canadian Championships not being awarded until a dog has reached 1 year of age, and was then awarded at the very least a 2 point win?

Anslie Mills
British Columbia

Yes, I believe this would be a good idea, especially if some benefit, like the Junior Warrant in the UK, could be put in place to encourage the showing of puppies and young dogs. I personally would like to see one major win of 3 points or more. This could be a challenge for some of the rare breeds. I remember when we had different point schedules for different breeds/areas of the country, as the AKC has now. Perhaps a different “schedule of points” could be instituted for low entry breeds, which could be reviewed annually by CKC based on registrations and dogs exhibited.

I do not believe a dog should earn a championship without beating a reasonable number of dogs of their own breed. Bonus points for group placements are nice, but do little to improve the standard of quality for individual breeds. While the entries are declining, so is the quality of dogs in many breeds. Canada has some exceptional dogs and outstanding breeders that can compete anywhere. It would be nice if the end goal of the Canadian show ring was to encourage people toward the higher goals of breeding superior dogs, not just dogs who can manage to gain 10 points under 3 judges.

Doug McIntyre
New Brunswick

Yes. I’ve often thought about this very subject the main reason would be, the fact there are many breeds that require certain attributes in their breed standard’s. For example proper coat colour (Kerry Blue Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, as well those breeds that have size restrictions.

Not to mention it is currently possible to bring out a puppy, finish it at 6 months of age, it is then never seen again.

Having to attain the final requirements for a Canadian championship after one year of age would also give those exhibitors, who don’t have a kennel full of “next” dogs to show, a reason to continue at the shows with their dog past the first birthday.

Marcel Bourgon

I agree to finish a Senior Championship a dog must earn 5 breed points. They could earn Junior Championship points the same way we do it now. But to complete a Senior Championship, they must earns breed points after 12 months old.

Sandra Lex

I would definitely be in favor with having to attain a 2 point win after 1 year of age.

I remember vividly judging a number of years ago a Boston who was the cats meow. I did well for this puppy. Little did I realize I would see this same dog over a year later in a specialty and I couldn’t use him. He never reached his potential and I’m sure the owner thought he would win again. It was not meant to be.

Dick Lopaschuk
British Columbia

Yes, I have been an advocate of this for many years and the Board would never approve the proposal. Hopefully the new board will take notice. There are far to many dogs with Champions and Grand Championships before one year old and many we will never see again after they mature.

Allison Foley
Breeder/Owner/Professional Handler
Nova Scotia

Although I do support different ideas when it comes to making a Canadian Championship more difficult to obtain. I do think we need to think about a couple of things first. We do live in Canada and our geography, as well as our population is spread out, which makes it difficult for a one size fits all Championship.

Maybe different point schedules for different breeds and different zones. In the US there are breeds which take an entry of 6 in a sex for a 5 point major!!!! Here an entry of 6 would get you only 3 points, I think we need to remember this when comparing systems. Secondly, almost every country that has a requirement of finishing after one year of age, also allows Poodles to be shown in any clip at any age. I think keeping Poodles presented the way they are here, and having a point requirement after one year of age would destroy Poodle entries altogether.

Joy Huntley

I believe that the board is actually working to get this passed, the problem is what class could be created, that shows don’t lose the entry of the puppies, as they wait for their final win after the one year of age.

Jill Taylor

In a perfect world yes, but unfortunately due to declining entries for various reasons. I fear this would cause them to decrease even more.

Judi Elford

Yes I agree with a dog needing a reasonably significant win (2+ points) after It has reached full height and, while in some breeds anyway, not “mature” – however, at least it is more mature than the 6 month old ‘flyer’ that finishes it’s CH title in one or two weekends, never to be seen from again.

This kind of system would also have the obvious advantage of increasing show entries, and allowing the fancy to see how youngsters can develop. This would be an excellent educational example both to breeders and judges. It would also encourage ‘new’ exhibitors to be involved longer as they pursue their dog’s title.

France Godbout

Absolutely!! Especially in breeds such as the Kerry Blue Terriers, where colour is a DQ after 18 months of age. I would in fact have no problem if a dog could only earn its Canadian championship until it has reached 18 months of age.

Kristen Francis
Breeder/Owner/Exhibitor/All-Breed Judge

I feel the point system should remain the same. I think it might discourage some exhibitors from entering because of the following scenario. An exhibitor has an excellent quality puppy who has been successfully winning the points or better at every show. This exhibitor has decided to campaign the puppy for the next 6 months for top puppy wins. Other exhibitors are getting discouraged very fast because they can’t beat this puppy for the points in that sex, in turn they no longer bother to enter the shows. By the end of the up to 6 months of said puppy’s show career when it turns a year, it now has amassed 80 or more championship points (which could have been rewarded to others if said puppy had been allowed to moved up to Specials) waiting for it’s year old birthday so it can get the last 2 points to officially obtain it’s championship.

Penny Lewis

No, but I would like to see it change to a more challenging way to finish a dog like in the USA.

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