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Behind The Scene with Lindy Barrow


Lindy Barrow
Ontario, Canada

1) What vehicle did you go to your first dog show in?
Madeline’s van

2) What is your favorite travel “junk” food?
Potato chips

3) What is your favorite breed to go and watch at a dog show, that you are not involved with?
Cairn terrier or Standard Poodles

4) If they did a movie on your life, which actor/actress could play you?
Bette Midler

5) If you could set a dinner table for 5, name 4 people no longer with us that you would love to have for an evening of dog talk?
Dennis Kniola, Annie Rogers Clark, Karen Lindberg, Sandra Goose Allen

6) What is your favorite “travel” song?
Anything by ABBA

7) What was your most embarrassing moment in the ring?
A Simon Chang dress that turned into a hospital gown

8)  Name a dog show anywhere in the world on your “bucket” list?
National Terrier, England

9) If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?
Good Health

10) What do you value most in your dog show friendships?
Respect of each other for what we put into our dogs.

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